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Why technology needs to balance with human needs

Improving productivity, planning and reporting is the goal of many organizations in today's cutthroat world. New IT implementations can greatly assist with these objectives, but one important factor that must not be overlooked is ensuring the project continues to support employee communications or inter-personal relationships.

Self-awareness is the key to successful team cooperation

Why is team cooperation so often difficult to achieve? Sometimes it is because people hide information when things are going wrong, or feel 'knowledge is power' and are reluctant to share it. In other instances individuals prefer to impose their own ideas rather than listening to someone else's opinion. However, the one of the main reasons cooperation fails is because team members, including the leader, focus on telling each other what to do rather than letting people find their own solutions.

Cooperation: the new way to success

As year go by, we seem to face problems that are more complex. Amongst other things, today we are confronted by the European Community economic crises, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ongoing issues of climate change. The key point is that any person or group of people alone can solve none of these problems. Cooperation is the way to solve these issues by finding the answers as a team.

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