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What is the role of leadership in the face of world hunger?

We live in countries where, for most of us, finding food is not a problem. After all, when was the last time we had to worry about a war, climatic conditions or a political/economic situation before searching for food? For us, it is ordinary to eat and be safe every day. It is easy to forget that somewhere in the world people like us, living with their family and children, are hungry. So, what is the role of leadership in relation to world hunger? How leaders connect with this reality and what can we, as individuals, do to help eradicate this problem?

What are our emotions trying to tell us?

We all have many different needs such as wanting security, love, a sense of belonging or approval from others. When these needs are satisfied, our response is positive, but when they are not, we often react in a negative way. However, what is it that makes us respond inadequately? Why do we frequently blame others for our situation?

I will do it or I will try to do it?

We've all made resolutions to change something in our lives, but how do we ensure our dreams succeed and not fail? What is it that makes things happen and how do our thoughts affect the outcome? In this blog we explore the mindset required to ensure success.

Inspiring others with our inner strength

When facing a traumatic situation, the shock is often horrifying. We become disorientated and it is hard to know where to turn or what to do. However, with the help of those closest to us, we can discover the inner strength to emerge into new, brighter territory.

Can inner strength help combat the economic crisis?

In times of economic recession, an automatic reaction for many of us to stay in our comfort zone and shy away from new adventures. However, a crisis often brings new opportunities and it is down to us to assess these possibilities to affect the changes we want.

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