"The most important mission of a leader is to help his team always make the best decisions".
Juan José Salamanca, founder of AlleTrust

Our brain, that is, our forest, is never completed, it is always in permanent growth. We know that it maintains an enormous capacity for reorganization throughout life. In our forest new trees grow and the existing ones are reinforced with our daily learnings, with the challenges and with the experiences.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are building our legacy day after day with the decisions we make and do not make, with everything we say and do not say and what we do and do not do.

We are extremely happy to present you a family of programs that have been developed following the same scientific fundamentals of our successful Leadership Through Safety program, today we announce Leadership Through Safety 365 Series™.

All these new programs are designed from the single trunk that directs all our decisions in our brain. This fantastic simplification allows us to face all the decisions of our day to day with the best guarantees of success. Whatever capacity we need to improve we can get it by getting the best out of ourselves.

We encourage you to know more about this new developments and meanwhile remember to enjoy your life planting and growing the best new trees, every day, in all the people around you.

The legacy of each of us is unique and we do it every day, have you already thought about yours?