2 years being the best version of herself

“Like everyone, I have made many decisions in my life, but in these two last years I see clearer the impact around me: in my family and in people reporting to me. Now I know when I have to stop and take more time”.



6 years being the best version of himself

“I had an essential change in my life: the understanding of my legacy, as something that I build every day. This has changed my life completely and now I make more conscious decisions”.


Sao Paulo

5 years being the best version of herself

“This discovery changed my life and, therefore, my impact on the people around me. Today, I am more aware of the decisions I make VS those I do not make. Now I can really help people around me”.


New York

4 years being the best version of himself

“I see my life very different since I discovered “building my legacy with eyes open”. Now I am more mindful about the impact of my behaviors in my family, in my friends and in my team. This has made a profound change in me”.

You are here, first decision

You are here, because you decided to be here and not anywhere else. Someone gave you our reference or you searched in the net, and you reached AlleTrust.

Do you want to develop new skills to foster your emotional intelligence?

Do you want to learn how to take the right decisions in your leadership?

Do you want to develop your personal growth, managing your emotions?

Consciously building your legacy, day by day?

AlleTrust help people and organizations deal with their challenges with smarter solutions for leadership development, coaching and management skills with a transforming system.

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