Leadership Through Safety®


It is the result of years of study and experience throughout the world. Excellent results support us. More than 25.000 leaders, from Fortune 50 companies in 56 countries, have experienced the benefits of our Leadership Through Safety Program.

Directors and managers who face security problems in their organization with questions such as:
Why do accidents occur at my site?
Why doesn’t my staff comply with safety regulations?
How can we avoid accidents at work and implant a sustainable culture of caring people as the essential foundation?

Program Approach
The ALLETRUST “Leadership Through Safety®” program offers directors and managers a method to solve safety problems mainly developing their own leadership skills through the use of emotional intelligence. When employees verify that leaders improve their own safety behavior and communication with their teams, they respond in the same way and follow their example.

Learning Objectives
Participants discover that safety is possibly the best way to develop leadership skills. Through personal reflection, you come to understand the value of providing caring leadership and, therefore, recognize the importance of people and their behavior in the sustainability of the organization.