Juan José Salamanca

Juan José Salamanca is the founder and President of AlleTrust, a firm created in Geneva in 2006.

AlleTrust provides executive leadership development, business coaching and management skills for organizations and individuals.

Juan José is also the co-founder of other firms and board member of several international companies. With extensive experience in leadership development and management coaching, Juan José began his mentoring journey after his 30 years career at DuPont de Nemours.

Juan José is specialized in executive development and Keynote Speaking. He is a thought leader in motivation-based of personal and organization transformation and an expert in driving caring behavior through corporate values. Juan José has counseled many senior executives and teams in almost 30 countries worldwide. He is the author of innovative leadership models centered in applied emotional intelligence, in the latest discoveries in neuroscience and in the newest cognitive science.

Juan José is a strong believer of the importance of people development and the growth of individual personal leadership skills. His human and ‘walking the talk’ leadership style inspires other leaders to develop their own way and legacy.

As he says: “Our growth as a leader depends on our growth as an individual”.