The AlleTrust Team

AlleTrust brings a variety of experienced staff together to provide the highest quality solution set to meet our client’s needs. Our staff, made of a strong coalition of experienced and passionate executive coaches, trainers and partners, is located both, globally and in the United States, to provide flexibility to travel to many locations.

We have also partnerships with specialized research organizations and experts who are continuously investigating in the neuroscience field, in the cognitive science and in applied emotional intelligence to allow us to constantly enrich, our programs and consulting services.

Our diverse network of executive coaches, trainers and partners have more than 26 years of experience and all are certified by AlleTrust to guarantee excellence in delivering our programs and services.

Meet some members of our team

  • Emmanuel Fournier
  • Ann Coleman
  • Marc Faucaud
  • Flynn Chivers
  • Tina Ogburn
  • Germán Delgado
  • Jue Wang
  • Donald Nodtvedt