What is the role of leadership in the face of world hunger?

We live in countries where, for most of us, finding food is not a problem. After all, when was the last time we had to worry about a war, climatic conditions or a political/economic situation before searching for food? For us, it is ordinary to eat and be safe every day. It is easy to forget that somewhere in the world people like us, living with their family and children, are hungry. So, what is the role of leadership in relation to world hunger? How leaders connect with this reality and what can we, as individuals, do to help eradicate this problem?

For instance, do you know the significance of 16th October? You probably did not hear much about it via the media each year. It's World Food Day.

Or do you know how many people on our planet are hungry? The answer is 1 in 7 people. That is around 1 billion hungry people in the world, or, in other words, almost 13% of all human beings don't have easy access to food.

And are you also aware of how many children die from a hunger-related disease? The harsh fact is a child dies every five seconds and every year around six million child deaths are related to poor nutrition.

Our actions will be our legacy

Should all of us, leaders and individuals, consider our position regarding the world's food problem? For instance, should leaders stay focused on their business and not worry about the issues? And, if they do, would we not question the example these leaders are setting for future generations? History shows if we do not do anything the impact will be much greater than if we take action.

An invitation for reflection

What can we do to change the life of people who are hungry? What can leaders do to build awareness about the problem? For example, do we ever talk about 16th October to our family, friends, team members and within our organization? What would be the impact if we do not say or do not do anything about the issues? And, perhaps, most poignantly, what can we do right now?

Please take a moment to think about your choices and remember those who do not have this luxury. Below are links* that may help with your decision:

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